Caspian Port Complex: Welcome to the official system of the largest port in the north of the country

Caspian Port in Anzali Free Zone, with operational area support and 350 hectares of 22 pier ports with an annual capacity of 15 million tons per shift and two breakwaters with a length of 2.6 kilometers and an area of ​​200 hectares, which is capable of harnessing ships with water supply 7.5 meters and has a capacity of 12 thousand tons of commercial goods and 20 thousand tons of oil. One of the main advantages of this port is the lack of restrictions on the development of shelter, having oil terminals, dry bulk, rail-rail, container, along with the establishment of a repair center, support for domestic and foreign vessels.
By connecting the Caspian to the national railroad, we will witness a boom in the transportation industry as one of the main pillars of freight and passenger development in the region. It is anticipated that after completing the infrastructure projects of the Anzali Free Zone such as Harbor and connecting it to the railway network all over, we will witness the golden age in the industry, trade and tourism of the region and the country, as this region is the link between the national economy and the world economy and trade.

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One of the most important levers of growth and development of trade exchanges, the shipping industry of each country is shipping. As shipping is the cheapest way to carry goods, the role of ports is unmatched. Access to land and rail links, transit to transit corridors, and proximity to consumer markets are all features that, if any port has them, is certainly not only in the dynamics of the economy of our country but also in stabilizing the regional status of the country in question. It is important.

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Port specification

Pond area: 200 hectares
Operational and backup staff area: 350 hectares
Eastern armchair Impeller: 6.2 km
Western armchair Impactor: 6.2 km
Port 2/6 Kilometers
Docking berths: 22 posts
Final capacity per work shift: 15 million tons

Transit services

The concept of the Caspian port complex has a significant role that this infrastructure can play in the activation of international corridors from the country, including the north-east corridor and the east-west corridor, while the commercial route The new one between Iran and China is referred to as the third transit corridor from this port. Accordingly, according to the strategy of this organization and existing and developing capacities, Caspian Sea and Anzali Free Zone in the near future will be the commodity exchange center of gravity The core of the Caspian Sea and the Caucasus is transformed

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