Dr. Reza Mesroor, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of the Organization

The cause of the sick economy!


According to the Public Relations and International Affairs Directorate of the Anzali Free Zone Organization, quoting the moderate line news website, Dr Reza Mesroor, chairman of the board and managing director of the organization, reviewed the causes of the economy of the patient.

In this note, according to the expert fundamentals of economics, one of the most important problems in our economic system in the monetary system is the increase in liquidity, which, according to official estimates, is currently about 1,600 trillion tomans. Although about 20% of this volume of liquidity is circulating in our economy, and if we calculate the volume of long-term deposits that can also be short-term in the financial system, about 40%, 640 Thousands of tomans flow in our economy.

Obviously, if this volume of liquidity enters any economic sector, it will create false rates or price bubbles, which will affect the entry of this volume of liquidity in all sectors of the economy and business, such as prices and housing sector rates, and cause turbulence And the instability in the currency and gold markets.

On the other hand, the provision of bank deposit profits, in practice, such as the printing of unsecured banknotes, will increase the volume of liquidity and will act as a deadly poison in our economy, as a major part of the recent economic problems stemming from high bank profits from the past few years Is . Of course, the analysis and explanation of this issue requires a detailed discussion that is not included in this article. But in unofficial reports that is fair, it is noted that between 75% and 80% of bank deposits account for 1% to 2% of people, meaning that about 99% of the population only 20-25% of Have bank deposits!

The important point in this situation is that a significant portion of the liquidity flow that is one to two percent actually creates price bubbles in different sectors of the economy, and it can be said explicitly that the inflationary rise of the expected foreign exchange price is not It is caused by supply and demand, but also influenced by the effects and performance of this part of the deposits.
The question now arises whether there is a tool or method to control or prevent the introduction of this volume of macro-bank deposits into the currency and other areas of finance?

In the current financial and economic system of the world, certain methods are used to control this situation, including the removal of such deposits from the cycle of exchanges and bank turnover, as well as other methods that are not required in this note. It is noteworthy that with regard to the price of the currency (USD) at the ceiling of 13 to 14 thousand USD, which is 30% of current consumption of last year means that economic activity and business in the commercial sector virtually within a decade It will not be possible and will create a lot of problems for the economic sector. Therefore, it is important to study, study and use of experts' opinions in this field and at this particular time point.

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