Advisor to the president and secretary general of the Free zones

Visit of development projects and construction projects and tourism projects of Anzali Free Zone


According to the Public Relations and International Affairs of the Anzali Free Zone Organization Dr. Bank Advisor to the President and Secretary General of the High Commission for Free and Special Economic Zones, accompanied by Dr Masroor, the chairman of the board of directors and managing director of the organization for development and infrastructure projects and development projects And the attractions of Anzali Free Zone.
According to the report, Dr. Bank initially launched the Aquarium Tourism Project, which has a direct private investment of over 30 million euros, including the largest aquarium and reptiles garden, indoor playgrounds, multi-dimensional cinemas, residential suites, aquarium tunnels and commercial sections. And services that will be exploited next month.
Following is the president's advisor from the Marine Recreation Center, the most equipped seafront in the north of the country, and the coastal strip of Anzali Free Zone, one of the tourist attractions and beaches of the Guilan province, and visited the trade and tourism phase of the region.
Visiting the Caspian Sea Complex as the largest infrastructure project in the Free Zones of Iran and the largest port in Iran in the Caspian Sea, Western and Eastern Craters, privately owned waterways, boulevard access to port complexes, silos, warehouses and reservoirs Fuel in the port of the port as well as the first Iranian tourist harbor in the Caspian Sea, which is located near the Caspian port and with private investment and capacity of more than 300 recreational harbors, is being developed by other advisers of the president and secretary general of the Free and Specialized Areas Economic was the country.
It should be noted that Dr. Bank was also present at the ceremony of the second anniversary of the martyr defender of the shrine Jahangir Jafari Nia, the first martyr of the shrine of Anzali Free Zone, and attended by Fateha on the part of the martyr Valem Ahmad closely with the family of Martyr Jafari Nia.

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