Caspian port and its features

The Caspian port is located along the North-South Corridor. This corridor establishes a transit link between the Nordic countries and Russia through Iran and the Caspian Sea to the countries of the Indian Ocean, Persian Gulf, and South Asia.

The Caspian port is considered to be a third-generation harbor with modern technology and marine systems and is able to provide storage services, processing and explaining goods and products, and creating and expanding marine industries, such as shipbuilding and other activities.

The first phase of this port has been officially launched by obtaining a formal border clearance permit for the exchange of goods, the arrival and departure of passengers and vehicles. Also, according to the plans, the construction of a logistics park and industrial town in the shelter of the port as a port of the new generation is underway. One of the main advantages of this port is the lack of restrictions on the development of the shelter, the imminent connection to the national railways, as well as the railways.

Figure 1. Positioning the Caspian port due to its success in the region


        2. Port specifications  

The Caspian Sea is located in the south of the Caspian Sea and in the Anzali Free Zone. The main characteristics of this port are as follows:

  1.     Pond area: 200 hectares   
  2.     Operational and backup personnel area: 350 hectares
  3.     Eastern Armstrong Shaft: 6.2 Km
  4.     Western armchair breaker: 6.2 kilometers
  5.     Port width is 6.2 kilometers
  6.     Mooring docks: 22 posts
  7.     Final capacity for each shift: 15 million tons

















3. Terminal Complex of Caspian Port

  1.     Container Terminal
  2.     Multipurpose terminal
  3.     Uncle goods terminal
  4.     Cereal terminal

    4. Construction of intersecting intersection in order to lubricate load entering the Caspian port complex

The intersection of the non-level is a full pass and a shoal, the length of the main branch of the intersection from the beginning of the upland to the end of the landing site is about 1100 meters in both the northern and southern bands. This intersection is used to provide all of the circular movements and routes, as well as an underpass of 600 M for connecting the route of Rasht-Anzali to Caspian port and for the purpose of balanced distribution of the traffic load of the mentioned port. Also, the access of the railroad to the berth and, finally, the connection of the area to the Emamzadeh Hashem belt is also under the bridge.

5. Industrial Town No. 3 in the backyard of the Caspian port complex

Considering the completion of the capacity of Industrial Townships No. 1 and No. 2, the program for the creation of City No. 3 has been put on the agenda of the Caspian port complex.

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