Benefits of Production in Anzali Free Zone



  • Exemption from direct taxes for 20 years
  •     Entry of unplanned production lines to factory premises
  •     Import of raw materials without customs duties for production
  •     Use of the Advantage of the Value Added Act, equivalent to the percentage of the value added commission from the customs duty on the entry of raw materials at the time of goods entered into the country
  •     The use of the percentage of the percentage of the goods is equal to the allocation percentage approved by the value added commission without placing the order in the country.
  •     Exemption from value added tax in the event of production and sales in the region
  •     Full exemption from customs import duties for raw materials of manufactured goods if produced and supplied to the passenger goods area
  •     Use of full customs duty exemption in case of production and export abroad
  •     Abandoning the input product for production without a durable time
  •     Reducing the organization's share of the 15% share of the inputs of the raw materials for export-oriented manufacturing companies
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