Anzali Free Zone and its Area at the Beginning

The Free Industrial and Commercial Zone of Anzali, according to the Uniform Code of the Establishment of Free Industrial-Commercial Zones of Abadan and Khoramshahr, Jolfa and Bandar Anzali (approved by the Parliament on 23/6/1382), which reads "The boundaries of the Abadan and Khoramshahr districts and areas The cities of Jolfa and Bandar Anzali, designated by the Cabinet of Ministers, are known as free trade-industrial zones, which are governed by the law of how to administer free-trade-industrial zones approved on 7/6/1372 and subsequent amendments to it. Will be created ".

The statute of the organization has been approved by the Board of Governors on 4/5/1383 and the area map has been announced on 8/3/1384. Therefore, the Free Trade-Industrial Organization of Anzali is a nascent organization that has begun business activities in accordance with this law since late in the year. Anzali Free Trade Zone - Development and development of public services, economic growth and development, attracting foreign and domestic investment, creating healthy and productive employment, regulating the labor and goods markets, encouraging the production and export of goods, entering and attending Active in regional and global markets, the attraction of new technologies and the transfer of science and technology to domestic production in line with the world's scientific and technological development, accelerating the business and economic processes and technology by creating a suitable platform for testing the designs and generalizing them. Throughout the country, the mission of active engagement with the world, according to the documents of the 20-year vision of the country, is DENB L is.
The area includes an area of ​​Anzali, with an area of ​​approximately 3200 hectares of land and a depth of two kilometers from the coastal waters. The boundaries of the Free Trade Zone - Anzali Industrial Zone (other than the Port Area) - from the west lead to the navy land and the Talib Abad village and to the east to the village of Chaprapard.
Which is considered in three separate areas as follows, each of which has its own potential. These three areas are: - Golshan area and 2091 hectare trade area, which includes natural lands with low population density and residential areas, the lowest amount of land for work, access to suitable beaches and the presence of places and recreational and tourist facilities in the area.

- Hassanrood industrial park and surrounding area with an area of ​​946 hectares, which includes industrial town, national land resources and adjacent lagoon.

- The area of ​​Anzali Free Zone is about 106 hectares, which has promoted the utility and attractiveness of Anzali commercial-industrial zone to provide facilities for discharge and loading and other matters.


Increase in the area of ​​Anzali Free Zone in May 2014

Following the efforts of the Free Zone Organization of Anzali, according to the approval of the members of the Council of the Coordinating Council of Free Industrial and Special Economic Zones, approved by the Presidency, on the proposal of the Secretariat of the Council for the Coordination of Free Industrial and Special Economic Zones and to The citation of the unified article of the establishment of free industrial zones of Abadan and Khoramshahr, Jolfa and Bandar Anzali was approved in 2003 and in compliance with the Decree No. 113200/49516 of 5/6/1392, the scope of Anzali Free Zone was expanded:

1 Area (6489) hectares including the following areas of the map attached, endorsed on the stamp of the government office, is annexed to the Anzali Free Industrial Zone:

A. The area of ​​the area (5578) hectares from the north to length (21905) meters to the sea, from the south to length (29,052) meters to the lands of the city of Rasht, west of the length (3350) meters to the current limit of the free industrial zone Anzali and from east to length (6181) meters to the Sefidrud River located east of the current area of ​​Anzali Free Industrial Zone.

(408) hectares from the north (5707) meters to the sea, from south to length (1150) meters to the villages of Talebabad village of Bandar Anzali, east of length (546) meters to the current free trade zone Industrial Anzali and from the west by length (1386) meters to the Taliban Anzali channel.

(C) The total area increased in the south of the Anzali Free Industrial Commercial Zone for amending the current approved zone in the south along the Emamzadeh Hashem to Anzali with an area of ​​280 hectares and a depth of 2 kilometers from the current free trade zone Industrial Anzali in the village of Cheperpard to the Sefidrud River.

2 The Free Industrial Zone of Anzali is required to prepare a comprehensive plan for the area in question, taking into account the prevailing trends in the region, and submit it to the Secretariat of the Council for the Coordination of Free Industrial and Special Economic Zones.

3 The organization is required to comply with the environmental requirements of the above mentioned area.

As a result, the area of ​​Anzali Free Zone increased from 3200 hectares to more than 9,400 hectares.










Modification of the Anzali Free Zone Area in August 1396

At the meeting of 21/3/1396, on the proposal No. 551/10/962 dated 24/2/1396, the Secretariat of the Supreme Council for the Areas of Commercial, Industrial and Special Economic Zones, and based on the single article of the Law on the Establishment of Free Trade Areas of Abadan, Khorramshahr, Jolfa and Bandar Anzali, approved in 2003:

1- The scope of the Free Trade Zone - Anzali Industrial Area (8609 ha), including the following areas, is attached to the attached map of the approved government office stamp:

A - North in length (33 km) connected to the Caspian Sea

B: Strangely in length (1.5 km) connected to Talab Abad canal.

P: South in length (44) km connected to the Imamzadeh Hashem passage to Anzali and natural and artifacts in the south.

Eightly (4) km connected to the White River River and Bojagh National Park.

2- The Anzali Industrial and Commercial Free Zone Organization is obliged to carry out the activities of the above-mentioned community, taking into account the dominant tendencies of the region with the region

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